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This Green Tea Face Polish Completely Revived My Skin

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I have never been a fan of face scrubs. They are super harsh on my skin. The act of scrubbing my face leaves it dry and flaky. What’s worse is the amount of skin-soothing skincare products I have to apply to minimize the redness and irritation that a face scrub leaves behind. But I still needed a good exfoliator that cleanses my skin from within without leaving it parched. After testing literally hundreds of face scrubs and watching the results go from bad to worse, I had almost given up on a crucial skincare process. But then, luckily, I came across something that works just like a face scrub, but is gentle on my skin. Trust me, my life has never been the same since. I am talking about a green tea-infused face polish by Model Off Duty Beauty named That Bright Glow Face Polish.

Model Off Duty Beauty

That Bright Glow Face Polish

If, like me, you are tired of face scrubs, opting for a face polish will be your next best skincare decision. Why? Because a face polish is gentle on the skin, yet it is as effective as a face scrub. It not just deeply exfoliates the skin, but it also safeguards the skin from drying out excessively or suffering from redness and inflammation. However, not all face polishes are gentle for the skin and good for the nature. That’s why I place my trust in this green tea face polish by Model Off Duty Beauty. It defeats dullness with twice the power of a typical face scrub and with twice the gentleness too! It’s natural, clean, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and it comes in recyclable packaging. If this doesn’t make you click on the ‘shop’ button in the blink of an eye, wait till you read the magical blend of key ingredients that go into this face polish.

Packed With Skin-Loving Ingredients, This Green Tea Face Polish Is A Skincare Miracle In A Jar

The key ingredient in this green tea face polish is, well, green tea. Green tea’s key antioxidant, EGCG, fights UV damage at the DNA level. It also targets wrinkles and fine lines by fighting the free radicals. Green tea also nourishes the skin and promotes healthy collagen production.

French green clay tightens pores, tones the skin, and exfoliates it to remove even the most rigid impurities. This skin-calming ingredient also prevents redness or acne caused due to exfoliation.

Coconut oil is a natural skin hydrator, which hydrates the skin, makes it more elastic, and makes it look more youthful, thanks to its anti-aging properties.

To put it briefly, this green tea-infused face polish goes beyond your standard skin exfoliation by not just exfoliating the skin but also hydrating and nourishing it in the process. Invest in this one right away, skincare lovers. You can thank me later!

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This Is My All-Time Favorite Collagen Booster


Almost every skincare product out there claims that it is capable of boosting collagen levels. Right from face creams to collagen masks, there are endless products that are specifically created to target collagen production. Some of them really work, while others are simply false-claiming products. Clearly, skincare is tricky that’s why I believe to curate a good skincare routine; I needed all the information. I thrive on information. If you are like me and you keep wondering what exactly is collagen? In fact, why is collagen vital for the skin? I am here with all the right answers. In fact, only after elaborate research, I have curated this informative piece to answer all your curious questions about collagen in skincare along with my personal recommendations.

Understanding Collagen

Your skin needs plenty of skin care ingredients for optimum nourishment. One such ingredient is collagen. More precisely, collagen is an abundant protein that makes up to 80% of your skin. Clearly, it plays a major role in how your skin feels, looks, and ages. Furthermore, collagen and elastin together help your skin in getting rid of any signs of aging. To brief it all, as you age, your natural collagen levels go down; and that is the time to incorporate a collagen-infused skincare product to maintain your natural youthful glow. Apart from aging factors like pollution and the sun also lead to the reduction of natural collagen production.

As your natural collagen diminishes, your skin loses its natural firmness. This, however, makes your skin saggy. Your wrinkles become more prominent, the area around your eyes appears tired. This makes the incorporation of collagen-infused products very crucial for your skin. With regular use of a collagen supplement, the wrinkles around your eyes will gradually diminish. In fact, the skin becomes firmer and supple. Clearly, you cannot afford to miss out on this essential ingredient.

How To Add Collagen Boosting Ingredients To Your Existing Skin Care Routine?

You already know the drill, cleanse, tone, exfoliate, use a targeted serum, and moisturize. Now, collagen can be effortlessly added in one or more of these steps. The market offers endless choices. However, to make sure you pick the right one, try preferring products fuelled with natural ingredients. There are several natural ingredients that naturally boost collagen content some of them are, green tea, coconut oil, cranberries, Vitamin C, and bakuchiol.

Apart from these excellent ingredients pumpkin seed oil, hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, and sea buckthorn are 100% natural ingredients collagen-boosting ingredients. While there are endless options, my favorite collagen-filled product is, the Bakuchiol Glow Booster Serum

Model Off Duty Beauty Bakuchiol Glow Booster Serum

Filled with the powers of natural retinol alternative along with squalane, this facial serum is the perfect collagen booster skincare routine. I have been applying this clean beauty serum for months now and I assure you it’s the perfect product for a youthful and supple-looking glow. It is flooded with the powers of retinol it is totally free from any side effects; it’s the perfect deal. The best part about this serum is it is made up of 100 percent vegan, natural, clean, and effective ingredients. I like to call it my favorite line-plumping collagen booster because it is just the right product to beat multiple signs of aging all at once. I highly recommend it for a supple and smooth-looking glow.

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