Aditi Oberoi Malhotra is a top LA fashion blogger and Indian-American digital influencer based in Los Angeles. Since launching Fancycorrectitude in 2015, her global fanbase has surpassed over 1 million having a huge impact on the Indian-American population.

Fancycorrectitude is an outlet to showcase her Creative Vision- daily style, beauty tips, latest trends with her take on them and give a fresh perspective that resonates with her readers and inspires them. With a degree in fashion and background in business, Aditi always had a creative bent of mind and that resulted in the creation of Fancy Correctitude. It allows her to communicate with her followers and and everyone who is looking for fashion inspiration and advice.

Today, Fancycorrectitude has become a one-stop destination for aspirational fashion and lifestyle content that’s elevated yet accessible.

Message me by filling out this form or email me directly at aditi@fancycorrectitude.com


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