Surprise Your Tot With Gender Neutral Picks From Everythingcarter’s 50% Off Labor Day Sale


Here’s to the fashion statements for your kiddo with gender neutral picks

Now that the fashion world is going all liberal, it’s time we infuse that in our little ones’ wardrobes as well. We are talking about gender neutral picks for your little kiddo. Your wardrobe is now full of chic items from the sale, so let’s move on to do the same for kids. After all, your little one should look as stylish as you do. Your toddler is growing too fast, and picking rights clothes for them isn’t child’s play, literally! For that, we created a list of cute chummy picks from Everythingcarter’s 50% Off Labor Day Sale.

Heard sale, and now you’re all excited? Well, that’s a universally mutual feeling, and for a fact, our picks are universally flattering too! So, if you want to bring ease to parenting and make shopping easy, you’re at the right place. Don’t worry about doing your kid’s closet over girly or too boyish. Our gender neutral picks will balance it out. Now get ready to pamper your child with the chicest clothes their mums can find!

1. Flag Shortalls

gender neutral picks shortalls

2. Chill Out Iguana Jersey Tee

gender neutral picks tee

3. Shark Jersey Tee

gender neutral picks tee

4. Linen Shortalls

gender neutral picks shortalls

5. Pull-On French Terry Joggers

gender neutral picks joggers

6. Under The Sea Adventure Jersey Tee

gender neutral picks tee

7. 1-Piece Halloween Snug Fit Cotton Footie PJs

gender neutral picks pjs

8. 1-Piece Certified Organic Snug Fit Cotton Footless PJs

gender neutral picks pjs

9. Spring Blue Indigo Wash

gender neutral picks jacket

10. Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie

gender neutral picks hoodie

11. Stretch Chino Shorts


12. Thanksgiving Booties


13. Turtleneck Bodysuit

gender neutral picks bodysuit

14. Carter’s Every Step High Top Sneakers

gender neutral picks sneakers

15. Reversible Bucket Hat

16. 3-Piece Elephant Little Character Set

17. 2-Piece Sherpa Hat & Mittens Set

18. Glitter Space Jersey Tee

19. Striped Everyday Pull-On Shorts

20. 3-Pack Bunny Socks

21. 2-Pack Hearts & Frogs Water Resistant Bibs

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