How To Wear Retro Corduroy Trend the Cool Girl Way


Look what this season has got for you! Fashion’s old friend, women’s corduroy pant is back with a boom on the trend chart. It’s time to brush off the dust from your retro corduroy pieces and pair ’em correctly to rock the trend this season! Confused about how to style them correctly? No worries, here’s how you can do that like a pro!

Corduroy-ising the Outerwear : Blazers, Coats or jackets, you can add a cool outerwear piece to get a sophisticated look. Corduroy not only looks stylish but also gives a royal touch to your look. You can pair a classic solid color corduroy blazer with monochromatic pants and top, just like I did and get an utter classy look.


Dresses : When it’s not too cold, especially during the transitional weather you can step out in a corduroy dress or a top.

Accessorise it with corduroy : Compliment your look with a corduroy handbag or a nice pair of corduroy boots and you’ll be all set to rock the trend! You can do it the way I did, a monochromatic outfit, paired with contrasting black boots and black gloves to get a chic and classy look altogether. Moreover, a gold or silver neck piece can do wonders to your overall look, as it did to mine!

Bottom wear : Corduroy pant is everywhere this season. Skirts, flared pants and trousers look fantastic in corduroy! A corduroy piece is obviously a must-have for this season! I got this pair of navy blue pants and fell in love with ’em the moment I saw the detailing at the hem! Coming back from the ’70s, this trend might stay on the charts for long and become a classic!

How are you cordurising your look this season?


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