Correct Order To Apply & Layer Your Skincare Products for Maximum Benefit


Maintaining a consistent skincare regime is no joke. There are days when you were exhausted at the end of the day regardless, you still decided to maintain that skincare streak. But if there are no results even after giving your immaculately consistent efforts. It is bound to be heart-breaking. So, what is it that you are missing? Why isn’t your skin bringing its A-game even after spending all the money and time in the world? We completely understand your frustration. This is precisely why we are here to make you skincare savvy in just one quick read. Our team has thoroughly researched about skincare products and broken down all the knowledge into the correct skincare routine order to apply & layer your skincare products for maximum benefit.

Yes, something as basic as the order of application of skincare products can make all the difference in the world. As unbelievable as it sounds, even if you have found your skincare soulmates but if you don’t apply them in the correct order, it may do more harm than good.

SKINCARE 101- Things you should never forget:

  • Make sure you remove your makeup thoroughly. Clean skin is very vital for the absorption of any hydrating oils or lotions.
  • The basic rule of thumb says you must apply the lightweight formulas first. This ensures better absorbed.
  • After every skincare layer, remember to give your skin some time to absorb the product. Do not splurge all the products in a little timespan. Your skin needs it’s time to breathe. Also, do not overuse any product.
  • Be gentle with your skin. The skin of your face is very fragile, if you exfoliate or cleanse too hard you may end up damaging your skin.

Maximize The Benefit With The Right Skin Care Order

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing is the primary step of any effective skincare routine. With the help of cleansing, you can remove any makeup or dirt accumulated on your skin. But, how to select the perfect cleanser? You should remember, the kind of cleanser you are using matters so much more than realize. You need a gentle cleanser. People think it is a  good idea to cleanse excessively. That’s not healthy for your skin. If you continuously use a harsh cleanser, your skin’s protective layer will breakdown. Your perfect skincare routine should be, alcohol-free, gentle, and skin-replenishing. You should try and pick a product with more natural products. Here are our recommendations,

TATCHA ($38.00)

Step 2: Toner

If you have been skipping on using toners for your face, you have been missing out on a lot. A good toner will balance your skin’s pH. It will tighten your pores and give you even skin tone. The model of Duty Beauty has the best toners with highly effective ingredients for the correct order of skincare .


Step 3: Serum

According to the correct order serums are step 3. Serums are highly concentrated. Hence, are made in order to specifically act on one skincare concern. So, the first step has to be figuring out what do you need the serum for? But, make sure your serum is antioxidant-rich. After you know why should you use a face serum.  You need to be specific with what you want to fix with your facial serum this will narrow down your choices. You can get, an anti-aging serum, a brightening serum anything. But, make sure the product is made with natural ingredients to avoid any side-effects. Here are our favorite natural serums.


Step 4: Eye Cream

Eyes add to the beauty of your face. But your under-eye skin is the most prone too darkening or loosing is laxity. Consistent use of suitable eye cream will maintain the elasticity of your under-eye and prevent any signs of aging. Model of Duty Beauty offers these amazing products for your skin care,


Bonus: Spot Treatment

Not everybody needs spot treatment. But if you have been suffering from any dark spots. This is the step for you. All you need to do is find the perfect spot treatment product and for the correct order apply it after you tone. This ensures better absorption and helps your get rid of any spots.

Step 5: Moisturizer

Yes, your skin needs a moisturizer, even if you have very oily skin. Your body produces its own oil but you also need extra hydration because your skin faces a lot of impurities throughout the day. The model of Duty Beauty offers the best moisturizers. From hydration to brightening, soothing to tightening, a suitable moisturizer can be a lifesaver. But your skin has different needs during the day and the night. This is precisely why your AM and PM skincare should be different and so do your moisturizers. You need a lightweight moisturizer during the day. They are tailored to help you so that you can put your makeup without the greasy and sticky feeling. Moisturizing at night is supposed to create a layer that effectively seals in all the active ingredients.  It also provides hydration all night long. To make your skin glowing and plump the next day you need a heavy SPF-free moisturizer for night. The model of Duty Beauty offers the best day and night moisturizers.

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Step 6: Facial Oil

Application of a good face oil overnight will equip your skin to battle the excess production of sebum. As surprising as it sounds, a good face oil helps your skin get rid of all the pore-clogging oil may lead to skin difficulties like breakouts, blackheads, and even enlarged pores. Model of Duty Beauty’s MIDNIGHT ZEN SLEEPING FACE OIL will be the best pick for you.

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Step 7: SPF or Sunscreen

The last step of your morning skincare routine should always be a good sunscreen. Even during winters, even when you are not planning to go into direct sunlight. Your precious skin needs protection from the harmful UV rays. Only after this, you must apply any makeup.

For your Nightly Skin Care Routine

For your night routine, before applying any product make sure you remove your makeup well. This simple step makes your entire routine much more effective. Yes, first you need to cleanse just like the morning routine, followed by the toner, serum, eye cream, spot treatments, moisturizer followed by retinol or bakuchiol. The last step of your nightly skin routine should be a face oil instead of sunscreen.

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