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Your Acne-Free And Clear Skin Goals Are Definitely Achievable


How to get acne-free and clear skin? This has got to be the most frequently asked question ever. In fact, it’s a tale as old as time, and no matter how old you are, a zit can have the most impeccable timing for unexpectedly popping up. Waking up to see a big pimple on my face usually sends me in a state of frenzy. Fidgeting with it is not going to do any good, except leave even more marks. I learned it the hard way, but it causes even more unnecessary stress than what you actually signed up for.

We all know acne-prone skin can be a little hard to deal with. First of all, picking products is complex and, it only adds to the frustration when those products don’t even work. Honestly, my skincare journey wasn’t easy. I’ve tried and tested a bunch of products that made no difference, resulting in me feeling hopeless about my skin. Well, the good thing is I didn’t stop trying. Thank God I didn’t because I have found the perfect product that gave me acne-free and clear skin. It is all I needed for the ultimate boost. Read on to find out all about it.

Model Off Duty Beauty

Model Off Duty Beauty Bakuchiol Glow Booster Serum

When it comes to acne, naturally there are very few ingredients that I could blindly rely on. After all, there are very few products that deliver visible results without any side effects. After a million wrong products, I found this beautiful facial serum. It’s safe to say that you can finally say goodbye to acne for good; at least I did. This clean beauty serum not only keeps my skin acne-free but also delivers a bright, glowing, and bouncy-looking complexion.

Natural Retinol Alternative – Bakuchiol

I have tried multiple retinol-rich products; nothing really worked for me. When I heard about a natural retinol alternative, my mind was blown. I knew I had to try it. Bakuchiol has grown immensely popular as a natural and gentler alternative to retinol. I have been using this serum for two weeks now, and it definitely did wonders for my skin. Made with all-natural ingredients, this formulation boosted the production of collagen and elastin, and it left my skin looking a lot firmer and definitely younger. It also balanced the production of oil and gave me perfectly moisturized, supple, and radiant skin.

Much More Than Just A Retinol Substitute

Furthermore, the serum is much more than just a retinol substitute; it has more ingredients like squalane that is derived from all-natural olives, hyaluronic acid, and natural aloe vera juice. With the perfect blend of ingredients, this serum balances my oil production. In fact, it works to provide just the right amount of moisture to deliver a healthy and clear complexion. Not just that, it is powerfully anti-aging. Yes, it’s the ultimate product that will help me age gracefully.

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5 Gentle Face Oils For Rose Quartz Rollers To Destress Completely


Rose Quartz Roller is a promise for daily rejuvenated skin that has a firm feel and toned texture. Designed to gently massage the face, this invention is definitely one of our favorite massage tools available in the market. Not only is a facial roller good for improving blood flow, but also for reducing the levels of stress and tension in the body caused by hectic lifestyles. Just one massage with this facial tool will make you feel lively and energetic throughout the day.

But what is a massage without a facial oil to compliment the whole experience? Facial oils provide the necessary fluidity in a massage due to their high skin absorption rate and texture. We have found some of the best oils to use with face roller that will give you firmer, radiant skin that glows. Check out our top picks and choose the best gentle face oils to use with rose quartz rollers.

Best Gentle Face Oils To Use With Rose Quartz Rollers – Check Out Our Top 5 Picks

1. Model Off Duty Beauty Supreme Even Skin Blue Tansy Face Oil

2. Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil

3. Model Off Duty Beauty Youth Illuminating Face Oil

4. Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Cleanser Oil

5. Model Off Duty Beauty Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil

1. Model Off Duty Beauty Supreme Even Skin Blue Tansy Face Oil

Best Face Oil To Use With Rose Quartz Roller

Model Off Duty Beauty Supreme Even Skin Blue Tansy Face Oil ($40.00)

This light, non-greasy facial oil works well on all skin types. Effective in fighting acne-prone skin and reviving dry skin, Model Off Duty Beauty Supreme Even Skin Blue Tansy Face Oil will soothe and balance your skin. Due to its rich antioxidant formula, blue tansy can help to reduce oxidative stress and combat inflammation. This product also contains skin-loving ingredients like jojoba and jasmine. Use a facial roller along with this oil for best results.

2. Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil

Best Face Oil To Use With Rose Quartz Roller

Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil ($43.00)

An omega-rich cleansing oil, Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil removes impurities and even waterproof makeup while maintaining the pH balance of skin for a radiant complexion. Its deep cleansing action goes into the pores of the skin to extract every last bit of makeup and residue. Using a face roller with this oil helps enhance the quality of your skin by making it soft and supple.

3. Model Off Duty Beauty Youth Illuminating Face Oil

Best Face Oil To Use With Rose Quartz Roller

Model Off Duty Beauty Youth Illuminating Face Oil ($38.00)

The Model Off Duty Beauty Youth Illuminating Face Oil is made with natural ingredients like squalane, rosehip, and camellia. The product is a highly concentrated blend of nourishing and hydrating plant-based oils. Use a jade roller and gently massage your skin for better results. The antioxidants and omegas in the oil give you that healthy, radiant glow you’ve always looked for.

4. Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Cleanser Oil

Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Cleanser Oil ($50.00)

The Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Cleanser Oil is infused with a blend of botanical oils to gently dissolve impurities in the skin. Its well-balanced, hydrating formula makes the skin fresh and bouncy. Ingredients like kukui nut, white water lily, and goji berry extracts help skin feel soothed, while jasmine flower helps it feel nurtured. A rose quartz roller massage helps relax the facial muscles while improving product penetration.

5. Model Off Duty Beauty Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil

Model Off Duty Beauty Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil ($44.00)

The Model Off Duty Beauty Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil is an all-in-one powerhouse face oil that improves the look and feel of your skin.  Its unique formulation of chamomile and lavender gives a calming and relaxed feel. The product pairs perfectly well with a rose quartz roller massage. Apply before going to bed, and you’ll wake up with gorgeous, glowing skin, ready to start your day with confidence. The product’s nourishing and hydrating properties will surely keep you coming back for more!

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These Are 5 Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients You Need To Give A Try


Have you been told dull skin, uneven skin tone are simply signs of aging? Well, they are, but they are also completely avoidable and reversible. Yes, you read that right. With accurate skincare, you can reverse your signs of aging and bring back your youthful glow. All you need is the right blend of natural anti-aging ingredients in your skincare products. Scroll below to check out the most effective natural anti-aging ingredients that offer plump, glowing, clear skin.

1. Bakuchiol

Bakuchiol is a natural alternative for retinol. Yes, you read that right. Retinol is known to exhibit anti-aging properties. But, it has its side effects. Whereas bakuchiol has all the goodness of retinol without the side effects. It works to improve the elasticity as well as the firmness of your skin. If you want naturally younger-looking skin, you must pick a bakuchiol-filled skincare product. This natural ingredient helps by eliminating all the visible signs of aging like fine lines or wrinkles.

2. Squalane

Squalane is an essential ingredient that our body already produces. Thereby, it blends well with the body. Squalane is sourced from natural products like olives, rice bran as well as sugarcane. It works by balancing your skin’s oil production. Furthermore, it helps in the production as well as retention of essential moisture to keep your skin hydrated and clear. Also, this natural ingredient is a reservoir of anti-aging properties.

3.Vitamin C

This is another effective yet natural skincare ingredient that has excellent anti-aging properties. It is naturally derived from citrus fruits. Moreover, it has the power to stabilize as well as create collagen molecules, making your skin look naturally younger. Pick a vitamin-C infused product for getting rid of dark spots, wrinkles, dullness, or any other signs of aging.


Ceramides are natural fatty lipids that our skin is partly composed of. However, in skincare products, they are procured from soybeans, wheat germ, or brown rice. They work well by naturally replenishing and renewing the ceramide that is lost due to aging or the harmful effects of the environment. Ceramides have immense power to restore the lost moisture. Apart from that, they work well to provide a natural protective shield for the skin.

5. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is found in leafy green vegetables. The products infused with naturally sourced hyaluronic acid help in reducing fine lines as well as wrinkles. Apart from that, hyaluronic acid helps in retaining essential moisture and makes the skin plump. In fact, it is one of the best anti-aging ingredients for the skin.

Recommended Products:

To spare you the effort of visiting several online skincare brands and scrolling through countless natural ingredients infused skincare products, we have curated an exclusive list of reliable, best-selling, and highly reviewed skincare products that have natural anti-aging ingredients swimming within them. Check it out:


Model Off Duty Beauty Youth Power + Repair Night Cream

Infused with natural ingredients like cranberry, coconut oil, and green tea, and bilberries – this night cream works on your skin to repair it from within while you sleep peacefully at night. Plus, it is safe and suitable for all skin types and the environment.


Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum

Packed with Vitamin C, fruit enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants, this day serum works to bring back that lost youthful glow on your skin and leaves it firm too. Plus, it works to deal with dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and dullness.


Youth To The People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser

With kale, spinach, and green tea extract swimming around in this cleanser, you don’t need to worry about experiencing any harmful side effects post your skincare routine – and your skin is sure to glow like never before!


Fresh Lotus Anti-Aging Night Moisturizer

With super lotus and peach leaf extract, your skin will get back that youthful glow – all you need to do is apply this moisturizer to your face and leave it overnight! Also, its suitable for all skin type.


Belif The Cream Aqua Bomb

Ceramide 3, Glycerin, and Lady’s Mantle come together in this cream to quench your skin’s thirst for hydration, and leave behind a healthy, plump glow – it’s named Aqua Bomb for a reason, after all!

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7 Best Luxury Skincare Products That Are Absolutely Splurge-Worthy


Everyone deserves a little luxury here and there. But, if you like to stay on a budget and can’t go on a shopping spree, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. We completely understand, when it comes to luxury skincare, you can’t simply splurge on products to experiment; that is why we are here to completely take over that trial and error factor from your skincare shopping to provide you with only the best. This way, you can effortlessly make sure what is worth the investment of your precious time and money.

After extensive research, we have brought for you a list of the 7 best luxury skincare products of 2021 that are bound to transform your skin. Every product on the list holds the potential to take your skincare to the next level. In fact, these products have the power to elevate the efficiency of all the other products in your skincare; that is why they are worth it. Also, they are suitable for all skin types; so you know they are immensely safe. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find the best of safe and splurge-worthy luxury skincare products that absolutely live up to their names and price tags.


Foreo Luna Mini 2 Compact Facial Cleansing Device

We are completely obsessed with the way this facial cleansing brush has enhanced our daily cleansing experience. The adjustable intensities make this device a completely customized and comfortable experience. Suitable for all skin types, this non-porous brush is super hygienic. In fact, it is bacteria resistant as well. It is the perfect pick to draw out all your makeup and impurities to reveal glowing and even-toned skin.


Model Off Duty Beauty Dream Glow Moisture Cream

This Model Off Duty Beauty moisturizer is the best pick when it comes to moisturizing with highly effective yet feather-light products. The Dream Glow Moisture Cream is one of our most preferred moisturizers. It is enriched with the strength of wholesome and all-natural super foods like avocado, jojoba oil, and rosemary. It is one of the safest creams because it is clean, vegan, and suitable for all skin types.


Shani Darden Retinol Reform®

This serum is the perfect amalgamation of retinol and lactic acid. If you have been looking for a facial serum that helps you get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, spots, darkening, or blemishes, you must pick this product. This lightweight serum is perfect for every skin type. We highly recommend this for evidently glowing and youthful skin.


Verso Super Facial Serum

This Super Facial Serum is our favorite pick for mature skin. In fact, It is the best serum to revitalize your tired and dull skin. We are in love with how lightweight and quick-absorbent this formula is. It is the perfect product to make your skin smooth, soft, and supple. Enriched with vitamins C and E, this product is perfectly tailored to give you a transformative and age-defying experience.


Nuface Trinity® Facial Toning Device Set

The Facial Toning Device Set by Nuface lets you enjoy a professional-level treatment right at your home and requires as little as five minutes a day. Trust us, it is worth the investment. This facial toning device is so innovative and super convenient to use as it comes with interchangeable attachments. This clinically-tested and highly reviewed product is the best pick for enhancing your natural facial contour. It is the most innovative way to achieve young and smooth skin.


Buy Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème | Sephora Australia

Olehenrisken Banana Bright Eye Crème

This amazing cream is one of the most affordable luxuries you can add to your daily skincare. This powerful eye cream immediately brightens up the area around your eyes. It is specifically tailored to target unpleasant signs of aging. Just a few applications are enough to reduce your dark circles to make you look more youthful. This lightweight eye cream is filled with highly potent vitamin C which makes it the best eye cream to revive your under-eye area for a fresh and healthy glow.


Model Off Duty Beauty Youth Illuminating Face Oil

The Youth Illuminating Face Oil by Model Off Duty Beauty is an exceptional facial oil and totally worth the investment. It is the perfect pick for glowing and youthful skin. Along with that, it makes your skin remarkably radiant and firm. Also, this MODB product is power-packed with the strength of squalane, rosehip, and camellia for optimum nourishment of your skin. This is all you need for transformationally younger-looking skin.

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