We all love maintaining our bodies and stepping out in the best pieces we have but are we making a move to stay equally beautiful on the inside? Mental health is as important as respiration to me and I’m really happy that talking about it isn’t a taboo anymore! Social media has greatly helped us in destigmatizing mental illness and we can never thank it enough for that. Not only this, there are some online counselors and pages that help us in dealing with issues we don’t even wanna talk about! Taking care of our mental health is as important as following a skincare regime or even more than that! Sometimes, we indulge in our professional and personal lives so much that we forget to make time for ourselves which affects our mental health adversely. Listed below are some tips to take care of your mental health so that you look good and feel better!

Take a day off whenever your mind asks you to

Prevention is better than cure and taking a day off works like preventive medicine for your mental health. Take a day off whenever you feel like you’re too stressed and need time to relax! It isn’t selfish, it’s as important as putting a face mask once in a while.

Speak your heart out

Talking about your feelings can actually make you feel good. See a friend, sit over a coffee and TALK. It might sound weird to you if you haven’t spoken up to anybody ever before but once you start doing this, you’ll feel the difference. A friend, sibling, spouse or a cousin, whoever you’re close to, speak up! Let them know about your insecurities, likes, dislikes, problems and everything that’s troubling you!

Stay Active

If you stay active, you’ll notice significant changes in your body! Regular exercising can boost your self-esteem, improve your concentration and help you in getting an adequate amount of sleep. Dedicating 10 minutes to meditation and at least an hour to exercising keeps your brain and other vital organs healthy. Meditation works as a detoxification agent for the brain and helps in improving our mental health!

Cut off sugar and add more nutrients to your diet

While consuming natural sugar (fruits) in small amounts is good for your body, refined sugar can harm your body in the longer term! You must’ve heard that a bit of chocolate or caffeine can instantly cure depression but there’s no such thing as stress-relieving foods. Adding more magnesium and protein in your diet can help alleviate headaches and fatigue. Moreover, taking a balanced diet can help you in staying physically and mentally fit because it keeps the blood sugar levels stable, which helps in balancing the energy throughout the day!

Spend more time with the dear ones

Like I said before, spending some time with a trustworthy friend or a family member, who’s close to you can make you feel better! Sometimes, you just cannot figure out a solution for your own problems, consult a friend who knows you as much as you do and you’ll be able to get over the problem in no time! Moreover, if you cannot see the friend for real, get over a phone call, chat online, or fly wherever they are! Staying in touch with the ones who care for you can lift your mood instantly and keep your brain healthy!

Allow yourself a break and do what you love

Taking a break from our hectic schedule is something we all need to do, once in a while! Go for a vacation, see a friend or just grab a coffee in your lunch break. Allowing yourself a few minutes daily or a few days in a month or two can improve your efficiency and bring some excitement to your monotonous routine. Try to do things that make you feel better. For me, exercise and spending some time with my family works as a total stress-buster!

Find a hobby

Add an extra-curricular activity to your schedule! Play a sport, sketch, go for a swim or do something you loved as a child. Love what you do but don’t forget to do what you actually love! I love painting, it’s kind of a rejuvenation for me! Take some time out from your busy schedule and try to do something you enjoy. It calms the mind and helps in boosting your self-esteem.

Find a therapist if you feel like you need one

Recognize the need to be treated. Dealing with a breakup? Facing something difficult that you need to talk to someone about? If you feel like your issue really needs to be addressed by a professional, don’t hesitate to fix an appointment with a psychologist!

Care for people around you

Supporting a friend, caring for your family or adopting a pet can improve your wellbeing! Helping a friend out of a situation they can’t deal with, makes you feel as good as seeking therapy for yourself. Moreover, caring for a pet makes you more responsible, systematic and works as a stress-buster. If you’re living away from your family and feel lonely at times, I’d recommend you to get a pet as it really helps in filling that void!

Be responsible for your drinking habits

People often consume alcohol to change their mood but the alcohol withdrawal symptoms leave them feeling worse and can affect the mind too! When the alcohol wears off, it makes us feel lethargic and can affect our vital organs adversely in the long haul! Staying within the recommended limits is good and enjoyable. Occasional drinking is a much healthier way of coping up with the hard times. Moreover, people who think cigarettes and drugs are their best friends, please note that they are your worst enemies as they don’t solve problems, they create more of ’em!

Learn to value yourself

Accepting and adoring our own selves is the least we can do to feel better. Accept who you are and invest time to realize your worth. Moreover, cut off people who criticize you continuously or make you feel bad about yourself. Remember, you cannot excel at everything so do whatever makes you feel good and boosts your confidence. Moreover, start living in the moment, don’t dwell upon things that can’t be fixed now and stay happy, always! At the end of the day start looking at life as a glass half full instead of half empty and all the worries will fade away.

What steps do you take to stay mentally fit? Do not forget to share with me!



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