Try Designer Fragrances With This Fun Monthly Subscription Service


“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” Christian Dior

⁣I have a huge collection of perfumes and if you are like me I am sure you know sometimes it’s tricky when you go for a new perfume.  You try on a paper tab and you think it smells amazing and you make a purchase of the bottle. Sometimes after using it a few times you feel like that it isn’t really that amazing but now since you bought the bottle you have to use it. At that time we wish we could have had a trial period so we wouldn’t have to commit to something that we are not a big fan of.

Not anymore because I was introduced to this monthly subscription service for perfumes. Just trying on a paper tab is not enough and now thanks to Scentbird I can truly choose the perfect fragrance for any occasion without the hassle of committing to a bottle until I am in love with it. Scentbird is a subscription service that gives you the opportunity to pick a new designer fragrance of your choice every month from a catalog of over 600 fragrances from designer brands like #Prada#Gucci#Versace along with indie labels.

You can take a quick quiz to get started. You answer questions about locations, foods, and other perfumes you already prefer, and Scentbird analyzes those answers, presents us with a list of recommendations based on that we might like. The site’s TruScent Recommender uses an algorithm to help us find our dream scent meant for only us, not anyone else. To further refine our recommendations, we can rate perfumes we’ve already tried! 

You can either choose from your recommended list or look for something else, searching by brand, mood, occasion, or personality. They go above and beyond to make sure at the end of the day we get what we select, unlike other subscription boxes.

You can choose a new designer fragrance every month, for just $15! They come in stylish, easy to carry atomizers that last 30 days. Also, you can use promo code ADITI for 30% off when you SIGN UP. #Scentbird

Currently, I’m loving Rebecca Minkoff (Jasmin Absolute, Bergamot, Karmaflor, Patchouli Essence) and Confessions of a Rebel, Bitch Please (Blackcurrent, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Skin Musk)!

What’s your favorite perfume?


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