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6 Fragrances To Make Your Day The Best From Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023


Hey, did you, by chance, miss the biggest news of the year? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023 is finally here! We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the sale offers a wide range of variety in every single category. Nordstrom has never failed to surprise us with their collection. But this year, we must say they have exceeded the limit of perfection. Prepare yourselves to be dazzled by the grand collection. Believe us you won’t want to miss out on this. It just feels like a sin to let go of this chance. So, dear fashionistas, let’s dive in.

Isn’t scent an essence of elegance? Have you ever noticed that the presence of a person who smells good immediately makes a spell-bounding impression as soon as they enter a room? A sublime fragrance can lift up your mood and make your day a thousand times better within a minute. Check out these rich and luxurious perfumes available at such affordable ranges. We have sorted just our favorites from the opulent perfumes available at the sale just for you. Scroll down and have a look at our picks before you go. Happy shopping to you!

  1. Parfums de Marly

Delina Fragrance Set($525.00) $355.00

You get a limited edition set of eau de perfume infused with the fragrance of Turkish rose and lily along with a shower gel and body oil.

2. Jo Malone London

Cologne Collection Set($120.00) $90.00

This set consists of five different and exotic scents from Jo Malone London in miniature bottles. Perfect for a travel kit or a gift to a loved one.

3. Valentino

Donna Born in Roma Intense Eau de Parfum Set($241.00) $136.00

This beautiful box has both full-sized and travel-sized bottle essence enriched with strong vanilla, luminous jasmine and warm and seductive benzoin tones. This is purely an evening fragrance.

4. Voluspa

Japonica Set of 6 Petite Pedestal Candles($84.00) $55.99

Enhance your room with these petite candles fragranced with notes of orange, jasmine, lavender, vanilla etc.

5. Gucci

Bloom Eau de Parfum Travel Spray Set($127.00) $85.00

This beautifully boxed set featuring Gucci’s floral Bloom fragrance is enriched with notes of natural tuberose and jasmine leaves. And the travel-size cute packaging is to die for. Perfect gift for your special one.

6. Tom Ford

Ombré Leather Eau de Parfum Set($265.00) $215.00

This perfume has warm and spicy patchouli and vetiver-enriched exotic scent. The black ombré leather packaging makes your gift so chic!

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This Night Facial Oil Soothes My Skin Miraculously Overnight

blue tansy face oil

I have finally found my holy grail product. Trust me, it is a big deal. Don’t get me wrong, I have always had a skincare routine. You’d think I have tried it all; well, I thought so too. Honestly, I have had my share of good and bad skincare experiences. Well, guess what? There’s always more. Not too long ago, I actually despised the very idea of face oils. Obviously, it took a mind-blowing product to totally change my mind. Read on to find out about a lightweight facial oil that took my breath away.

In my head, oils were supposed to be oily (quite literally!). However, this little brand called Model Off Duty Beauty changed my mind by introducing me to a lightweight night facial oil called Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil. This featherlight face oil showed me good oils aren’t greasy.   

As a matter of fact, this night facial oil has been my daily dose of glow. It’s unreal how one oil has the power to deliver a healthier and significantly radiant-looking skin without any heavy or greasy feeling. I call it my powerhouse oil because it actually boosts the very look and feel of my skin. Not just that, this facial oil works to soothe my skin and helps me defeat any redness, dullness, pores, and fine lines.


sleeping face oil

Model Off Duty Beauty Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil

Curated with a unique blend of chamomile and lavender, this facial oil is as good as magic in a bottle. Not only is it soothing and calming for my skin, but it is also all I ever needed for the ultimate nourishment and protection of my skin. It’s incredibly lightweight, quick-absorbent, and non-comedogenic, which makes it the perfect skincare product. With a featherlight formula, this oil melts into my skin, leaving behind a silky-soft finish. While it’s a fabulous pick for my non-makeup days; It creates the perfect canvas for my makeup as well.

Why I love This Product?

The Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil is a completely natural, clean, and vegan product. Not just that, it is free of any parabens, phthalates, GMOs, toxins, or any other questionable ingredients. In fact, all its ingredients are plant-derived with no synthetics.

What Is It Made Of & How It Helped My Skin?

This glorious facial oil is made up of an extraordinarily soothing blend of essential oils that work to instantly calm the skin. Curated with a blend of all-natural ingredients like abyssinian, chamomile, and lavender, this oil is all I needed to intensely hydrate my skin. Not just that, this oil is flooded with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. I have incorporated this oil into my daily nightly routine to create a complete restful experience. In just a few applications, I realized this oil holds the power to heal my headache, calm my anxiety while improving the quality of my everyday sleep.

For my skin, the face oil works to moisturize it while delivering a smoother and healthier-looking complexion. Not just that, it is flooded with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties that work to heal any signs of aging, redness as well as blemishes.

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7 Sleep-Inducing Products Because You Deserve Your Beauty Sleep


Did you know, every night when you retire for the day, your skin begins to work to rejuvenate and repair your skin? But with age, this natural process slows down, that is precisely why you definitely need sleep-inducing products to enhance your beauty sleep.

After all, it’s at night your skin is the most productive and all the replenishing. This is precisely why we have made a list of 7 sleep-inducing products to give a little boost to your skin while you sleep. Every product in the list below is filled with incredibly soothing qualities to instantly increase the quality of your sleep and deliver a well-rested and healthy-looking glow. Read on for a stellar list of 7 outstanding sleep-inducing products to help your skin while it’s in its repair mode. Trust us, you do not want to miss out on these incredibly restoring products. Scroll away.


best organic night cream

Model Off Duty Beauty Youth Power + Repair Night Cream

A night cream that’s as good as the Youth Power + Repair Night Cream can definitely improve your sleep routine. With the power of ingredients like naturally sourced AHAs, superfruits, green tea, and coconut oil, this cream is all you need to boost your skin’s natural reparation process. Just one overnight application of this cream is enough to achieve a visibly healthier-looking complexion. Plus, it is made p of all clean and safe ingredients.


Slip Dream Team Gift Set

Another product to improve the quality of your sleep is this kit by Slip. This lit consists of a pure silk pillowcase along with a crystal-embellished scrunchie. The key benefits of this set include anti-aging effects, anti-bed head qualities, and anti-sleep crease effects as well.


Goopbeauty Goopglow 15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel

Wouldn’t you like your products to work while you sleep? This product does just that. Add this Goop Beauty overnight peel to wake up with a brighter and well-exfoliated complexion. Plus, it is suitable for all skin types.


Jo Malone London Red Roses Scent Surround™ Diffuser

This diffuser by Jo Malone is inspired by the blend of finest quality roses. With the fragrance of violet leaves along with a hint of lemon, this diffuser delivers a mild and romantic fragrance. Pick this diffuser to drift into the world of beautiful dreams.


Model Off Duty Beauty Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil

Another product that seriously enhances the quality of your skin while you sleep is this luxurious face oil by Model Off Duty Beauty. The Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil is filled with the powers of naturally calming ingredients like lavender, Abyssinian, and chamomile. You have got to add this oil to instantly relax your skin and your mind all in one simple step. The best part is it is completely lightweight and free from any questionable ingredients which makes it suitable for all skin types.


La Mer The Cleansing Micellar Water

Another important product that you must incorporate into your nightly regimen is this ultra-light and super refreshing micellar water by La Mer. Curated with sea-inspired ingredients this cleanser is all you need to sweep away even waterproof makeup. It is all you need for a cleansed face before any nourishing nightly products.


Slip Pure Silk Turban

This turban by slip is a dream come true for anyone with curly or coily hair. Suitable for even the thickest hair textures, this silk turban has the power to protect your hair from any potential damage.

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This Natural Facial Serum Is My One-Stop Solution For Radiant Skin

best toner for dry skin

If there’s one ingredient in this world I would never say no to, it is vitamin C. No, seriously, when it comes to skincare ingredients, it doesn’t get better than vitamin C. Fine lines, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage – you name it, this versatile ingredient can fix it all. However, there’s one catch; for your vitamin C product to work well; you need to pick the right product. Well, I have used my fair share of unsuitable products. Honestly, my past experience practically compelled me to find products that are suitable for my specific skincare needs.

Simply because I wanted a product to instantly amp up my entire skincare regimen. In fact, I was looking for something to protect me from any future signs of aging and sun damage. Plus, I wanted to brighten and tighten my skin. You know, improve the overall skin complexion.  After thorough research, I figured out I needed a safe skincare product as well. That’s when I started looking for brands that produce 100% clean, vegan, and natural products. This led me to the C Squared Serum by Model Off Duty Beauty. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first; but today, this best natural facial serum is my one-step secret to brighter and better skin.

The Best Natural Facial Serum Of 2023


Model Off Duty Duty C Squared Serum

It is safe to say that this facial serum is a part of the morning and nightly routine. I apply it after my face is thoroughly cleansed and toned, but before I moisturize and layer my SPF. The best part is, this serum is completely clean and natural so I don’t have to worry about any side effects or reactions. It’s totally safe. In just about two weeks, this serum has given me a spotlessly clear complexion. To my surprise, my spots are fading away, and my skin is visibly brighter and even-toned.

As a matter of fact, this serum is filled with anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing powers at the same time. Plus, it is anti-aging. Can you believe it? This serum is the solution to pretty much all my skincare issues.

The Perfect Amalgamation Of Ingredients

Apart from the double dose of naturally sourced vitamin C, another thing that seriously impressed me was this serum is also filled with the goodness of hyaluronic acid and squalene. The perfect amalgamation of ingredients makes the C Squared Serum my go-to skincare solution. It is all I need for visibly brighter and hydrated skin. Not just that, these ingredients nourish, protect, and lock in the moisture for significantly bouncier skin. Also, MODB is vegan, clean, cruelty-free, sustainable and all its ingredients are GMO-free, gluten-free, non-toxic, paraben-free, and phthalate-free as well. It is a complete package.

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