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It’s Impossible Not To Fall In Love With This Non-Toxic Beauty Brand


Honestly, it’s simply easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back, and that is why I am in love with Model Off Duty Beauty. This non-toxic beauty brand is a way out of all my skincare woes, big and small. It may sound like an exaggeration, but it is a dream come true. For me, Model Off Duty Beauty was a way to redeem all my self-love for my skin. This non-toxic brand has not only given me mere products to create a suitable regimen for my skin but has fetched me all the joy I needed from skincare. I have been using the products by this brand for over a year now. It is safe to say these products filled the void between the real and the imaginary.

About The Brand: Model Off Duty Beauty

Model Off Duty Beauty is a clean, non-toxic beauty skincare brand that commits to producing all-natural skincare products that deliver significant results. With a firm belief that our skin absorbs everything, this brand uses all-clean and genuinely natural. All their ingredients are obsessively researched. That is how they ensure the use of only clean, natural, non-toxic, vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and non-comedogenic ingredients. Along with that, they use only sustainable and cruelty-free measures, whether its packaging or production.

7 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With Model Off Duty Beauty

  1. CLEAN & EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS: All the products BY Model Off Duty Beauty are made up of supreme quality natural ingredients that are not only clean but completely natural,
  2. TRANSPARENCY: The best thing about this brand is that it is totally reliable. That’s because it is completely transparent about all its certified organic ingredients and production. This includes the information about ingredient sources. Plus it makes use of 100% recyclable glass jars along with 100% recyclable paper for the boxes.
  3. PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS: All the products by the brand are made up of high-quality ingredients that are plant-based, vegan, and GMO-free. Not just that, they are free from sulphates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, petro-chemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes & thousands of other harmful or questionable ingredients.
  4. CRUELTY FREE & SUSTAINABLE : Apart from being free from any synthetic ingredients, the brand is commited on producing products without any animal testing. Plus, it is sustainable in all-aspects.
  5. DELIVERS VISIBLE RESULTS: With a range of completely safe products this brand can deliver noticeable nourished, glowing skin.
  6. SUITABLE FOR ALL: Another great thing about this brand is that all its products are so gentle that they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. Model Off Duty Beauty creates products for all skin types, all ages, all genders, and all people.
  7. EASY TO USE: The brand also focuses on producing easy to use products that can boost the effectiveness of the entire routine.  

Model Off Duty Beauty: My Top Picks

Model Off Duty Beauty Glow Essentials Mini Set

Placing my trust in a brand has always been a tedious task for me. That is why when I wanted to create an entire regimen consisting of Model Off Duty Beauty products, I decided to go for a set that contains all the essential products in travel-friendly sizes. This helps me try and test various products without any waste. I stuck with this brand for over a year, and it has only proved its loyalty to my skin. In fact, it’s safe to say that this Glow Essential Mini Set Includes all my favorite products by Model Off Duty Beauty. I highly recommend you to try it for yourself.

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Here Are The Clean Cleansing Essentials You Need For A Fresh Face


When it comes to morning skincare, we all prefer a quick wash-and-go. But, let’s be honest, while it may be the easiest way to get by, is it the most effective? If you really love your skin and want to get rid of all the excess oil, dirt, sweat, or even makeup off your face while nourishing it, you have got to level up with these clean cleansing essentials. Read on to find out how.

If you are looking to seriously level up your daily skincare routine, you have to focus on your very first step: Cleansing. A good cleanse not only cleanses the face but also brightens and exfoliates the skin for a fresh and cleansed complexion. However, a cleanser alone cannot fulfill your skin’s cleansing needs. In fact, an effective cleansing routine demands the perfect duo of a cleanser and a toner. Now the real question arises how to find the ideal pick. While you can definitely experiment with your favorite cleansers and toners to mix and match combinations. But, not everybody is equipped with plenty of time and resources. That is precisely why we have personally picked out the perfect cleansing products that are formulated to work well together. We are talking about the two clean cleansing essentials.


Glow + Hydrate Cream Cleanser Hybrid and Glow Potion Exfoliating Toner

Glow + Hydrate Cream Cleanser Hybrid: This Model Off Duty Beauty Cleanser is simply a dream come true. Not only is it effective and powerful, but it is also incredibly gentle. This daily cream cleanser works to cleanse the skin while hydrating it. Not just that, this clean beauty cleanser is non-foaming in nature. This makes it the perfect product to cleanse without drying the skin.

Glow Potion Exfoliating Toner: The cream cleanser works best when paired with the Glow Potion Exfoliating Toner. It is entirely non-abrasive and boosts the effectiveness of the entire routine. You must add it into your routine to promote natural collagen formation and new skin cell production for a healthy and youthful glow.

7 Ways This Cleansing Duo Can Help Your Skin

  • Cleanses & Exfoliates The Skin: This cleanser+toner duo is the perfect pick to achieve a well-cleansed and exfoliated glow without stripping you off your essential oils.
  • Hydrates & Moisturizes The Skin: In fact, it works to hydrate and moisturize the skin. All thanks to skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid.
  • Nourishes The Skin With Vitamins & Antioxidants: With naturally sourced ingredients like MSM, matcha green tea, rooibos, cranberry, glycolic acid, ginkgo Biloba, hyaluronic acid, and watermelon, this cleansing duo is like a burst of nourishment for the skin.
  • Preps The Skin For Better Absorption: Not only is this cleansing duo filled with skin-loving qualities, but it also works to improve the absorption of the skin, which improves the effectiveness of the entire routine, which is an added bonus.
  • Protect From Any Environmental Damage: With the powers of green tea and watermelon, this cleansing duo can definitely protect the skin from any environmental damage, which may include damage due to the sun or due to free radicals.
  • Fights Signs Of Aging: Rich in rooibos, Ginkgo Biloba, and matcha green tea, this duo works to fight any signs of aging, acne as well as dullness.
  • Repairs & Rejuvenates The Skin: Not only does it protects the skin from any signs of aging, but it also reverses any existing damage and delivers a well-rejuvenated glow.


Both the products are produced by a phenomenally reliable skincare brand called Model Off Duty Beauty. The fact that it is super reliable is because not only is the brand committed to producing clean beauty products; it is vegan, 100% natural, free from any synthetics, GMO, gluten, parabens, phthalates, and toxins. Not just that, it is 100% sustainable and cruelty-free as well. These qualities make every product by the brand ultra-safe and suitable for all skin types.

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7 Best Beauty Products 2023 That Are Truly Transformational


If you ever make a bucket list to better your life, make sure you don’t forget to invest in things that ultimately enrich it. Yes, we are talking about skincare and beauty additions. This is precisely why we have created a list of 7 transformational beauty products that you will fall in love with. No, really, if there’s anything we love, it is self-care. While we know you cannot put a price on happiness, these products will surely bring a smile to your face. (Yes, they are that good!) To be honest, we have picked out only the best beauty products you simply cannot deny.

Ahead, you’ll find an assortment of the best beauty products that will make your life a little better in their own unique ways. Whether it’s a highlighter to add that gorgeous glimmer or a potent clean beauty product to help you go all safe, this list has it all. Although the world of beauty is filled with products, these products are definitely better than the rest. Read on for a list of 7 transformational beauty products you need to check out right away.

7 Transformational Beauty Products You Need To Check Out Right Away


Model Off Duty Beauty Pure Rose Face Polish Exfoliator

When it comes to life-changing beauty additions, it’s the small things that make an enormous difference. One such change you must make is switching your scrub with this clean beauty face polish exfoliator. With the powers to effectively exfoliate your skin, this face polish exfoliator is prominently kind yet effective. Pick this to get rid of any dead skin cells while incorporating the goodness of genuine roses, hibiscus, and shea butter. The best part is, it is all-clean, vegan, and free from any questionable ingredients.


Tarte Sea Hydroflex™ Serum Foundation

Another excellent addition you must make to your regimen to make life-changing alterations is this serum-based foundation. This vegan serum-infused foundation is the perfect amalgamation of beauty and skincare. Apart from giving a medium coverage, it is filled with the goodness of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide as well as vegan collagen complex. Add this to your daily regimen to conceal your imperfections while hydrating your skin.


Grande Cosmetics GrandeLash – MD Lash Enhancing Serum

Another life-changing product to give you long, luscious lashes is this MD Lash Enhancing Serum. This lash-enhancing serum has the power to deliver longer and fuller-looking lashes in just a few weeks. Infused with the powers of plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids, this serum is all you need to strengthen your natural lashes.


Iconic London Illuminator Liquid Highlight

Add this concentrated liquid highlighter to your makeup regimen to instantly elevate your look. This easy-to-use and versatile product can be used alone or simply added to your basic foundation, primer, or moisturizer for a subtle yet shimmery look. That’s not it, this Iconic London product is also filled with the goodness of antioxidant-rich green tea leaf extract, skin-soothing chamomile extract, and skin conditioning Vitamin E.


Model Off Duty Beauty Glow + Hydrate Cream Cleanser Hybrid

Another simple yet incredibly life-changing change you must make is switching to a clean beauty cream cleanser. Pick the Glow + Hydrate Cream Cleanser Hybrid by Model Off Duty Beauty. The best part is this cream-based cleanser is non-comedogenic and works to enhance your entire regime without stripping your skin of essential oils. Filled with the goodness of ingredients like matcha green tea, MSM, rooibos tea, and superfruits, this cleanser can do it all: cleanse, protect, soothe, and nourish the skin in just one step.


Gisou Honey Infused Hair Mask

Another profoundly nourishing product you must pick is this honey hair mask by Gisou. With the powers of sustainably sourced Mirsalehi honey, this is the perfect hair mask to instantly hydrate and repair the skin. Suitable for all hair types, it is all you will ever need for stronger, better, and shinier hair.


Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream

You have got to add this body cream into your regimen for the goodness of real tropical oils, butter, and several extracts. It is the perfect product to achieve long-lasting hydration. The best part is it is 100% non-sticky and clean. Plus, it has the goodness of seven luxurious oils along with shea butter and glycerin.

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The Ultimate Zen Skincare Routine That’s Like A Reboot For My Mind


People have different ways of coping with stress; some lean on to music, some like to draw a bubble bath, while some (like me) like to rely on skincare, or rather, calming skin care products. No, seriously, hear me out, there is nothing more calming than a good skin care regimen. It’s like meditation, but it works quicker. Imagine rubbing a rich, creamy cleanser on your face; it’s definitely an all-magical experience, both the process and the result. Oh! And a cleanser is just the beginning. I have created a list of outstanding products that are committed to delivering the ultimate Zen skincare routine. Here’s to creating the perfect Zen skincare routine.

Whenever the world begins to feel a little too overwhelming, remember to turn to this skincare plan. (I sure do) Because as unbelievable as it sounds, these calming skin care products are the ultimate answer. Furthermore, they are not mere stress-relief products. Each product is flooded with exceptional skin-loving qualities, and I firmly recommend them. Add these products to your regimen to achieve that sweet relief you have been craving for.


Model Off Duty Beauty Glow + Hydrate Cream Cleanser Hybrid

If you are looking to build a calming regimen, you need to start by changing your cleanser. You need to pick a cream-based cleanser. This Glow + Hydrate Cream Cleanser Hybrid is your pick. This gentle cleanser is incredibly calming, and yet it holds the power to cleanse thoroughly. Filled with outstanding skin-loving ingredients like matcha green tea, rooibos, MSM, and cranberry, this cleanser is a multi-tasker. Pick this cleanser for well-cleaned, hydrated, and moisturized skin in a single step.


Amorepacific Botanical Soothing Toner

If you want to calm your skin, you cannot miss out on toning. All you need to do is pick a gentle toner. This Botanical Soothing Toner by Amorepacific is an excellent pick. It has the power to hydrate and soothe your skin. Plus, it also delivers the goodness of bamboo sap to your regimen. It is all you need for toned, soft, moisturized, and relaxed skin.


La Mer The Lifting and Firming Mask

Another calming product you mustn’t miss out on is this luxurious face mask by La Mer. This cream-based leave-on mask is all you need to achieve significantly calmer skin that looks a million times younger. Plus, it is suitable for all skin types.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Day Cream Moisturizer

This anti-aging morning moisturizer is filled with the powers of hyaluronic acid. It is all you need to achieve plumper and firmer skin. If you are looking for a product that soothes your skin and fades away multiple signs of aging, this is your pick. It’s all you need for an instant turnaround.


Model Off Duty Beauty Youth Power + Repair Night Cream

Your calming regimen will not be calming enough without a rejuvenating night cream. This Model Off Duty Beauty night cream is a perfect little jar of magic for your stressed skin. In fact, it is all you need to create that perfect skincare routine. It is definitely worth your attention simply because it is flooded with skin-soothing ingredients like AHAs, green tea, coconut oil, and plenty of superfruit extracts. This cream is your chance to do all the damage control while you sleep. Pick this to wake up with well-hydrated, well-protect, exfoliated, repaired, and unbelievably younger-looking skin.


Dior Hydra Life Deep Hydration Sorbet Water Essence

When looking for products that soothe your skin, you must give a chance to this Dior water essence. This outstanding hydration-filled serum is a 3-in-1 facial serum that works to hydrate, refine, and tone in a single step. This serum has the power to give you a well-hydrated glow. Pick this serum to incorporate the freshness of mallow flower and haberlea leaf into your regimen.


top clean beauty products 2021

Herbivore Blue Tansy BHA and Enzyme Pore Refining Mask

Another calming skincare product is this gel-based facial mask by Herbivore. With the magic of healing elements like blue tansy, BHAs, AHAs, aloe vera, white willow bark extract, and salicylic acid, this clean beauty mask is just the perfect pick to resurface your skin while nourishing it. Pick this for the ultimate soothing and smooth experience at the same time.


top clean beauty products 2021

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

If you want an easy-to-use travel-friendly product that delivers instant freshness, you must pick this mist. This spray-based mist is one of the most innovative products by Tatcha. In fact, it is the ultimate hydration-giving product. The best part is you can use it both under and above your makeup. Pick this product to add the goodness of Okinawa red algae, hyaluronic acid, green tea, and rice to your regimen.


Model Off Duty Beauty Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil

The Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil by Model Off Duty Beauty is the perfect product to end your calming skincare routine with. This product has the power to effectively give you that zen your skin has been craving for. It is incredibly lightweight. Plus, it has the power to penetrate deep into your skin and deliver the nourishment of chamomile and lavender. Pick this face oil to eliminate any signs of aging or dullness. Not only that, this oil even has the power to make all your senses feel a certain sense of calm.

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