15 Nsale Kitchen Picks | All‘Under $100’

Nordstrom KITCHEN sale

Just like you savor good food, your kitchen needs special attention too! Yes, we all have kitchen needs and for a good reason. It not only makes everything more efficient but also adds a touch of newness.

While we can’t stop your onion tears, we can surely bring a smile on your face with our picks from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale under $100. Well, this is good news and calls for a glass of wine, but wait can’t find the perfect glass for it? Don’t worry; the sale will cover that too. Add these picks in your cart before it’s too late, ours is already flooded with cute items!

Here is a list of our favourite Kitchen Picks-

1. 50s Retro Style Two-Slice Toaster

2. Lock Eat 3-Piece Sealed Storage Container Set

3. Iveta Abolina Birch Wood Cutting Board

4. Forest Set of 4 Marble Coasters

5. Mixed Pack of 4 Red Wine Glasses

6. Magnifico Thumb Wine Decanter

7. Baking Pan

8. Copper Finish Cake Stand

9. Oolong Tumber Set

10. Medium Wood Serving Bowl

11. Insulated Stainless Steel Canteen

12. 9-Piece Copper Finish Bar Set

13. Copper Finish Chip and Dip Plate

14. Berry & Thread Glass Cake Dome

15. Steakhouse Pakka 6-Piece Wood Steak Knife Set

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