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This Sustainable Moisturizer Completely Rejuvenated My Skin


Who doesn’t want clean, glowing, plump, rejuvenated skin? I have always been a little cranky when it came to dry skin, with a wee bit of fine lines and wrinkles, that really lacks that smooth, shiny glow to it. So, I scoured the internet for a moisturizer that can tackle it all for me while I have a good night’s sleep. And I landed the perfect one – Model Off Duty Beauty’s Dream Glow Moisture Cream. What does this Dream Glow Moisturizer not do? Well, for starters, it doesn’t disappoint at all! And what does this lightweight sustainable moisturizer do for your skin? Everything you can ever think of or imagine! Here’s how Model Off Duty Beauty’s Dream Glow Moisturizer changed my skin for the good. 

This Sustainable Moisturizer Completely Rejuvenated My Skin

Model Off Duty Beauty

Dream Glow Moisture Cream

The Dream Glow Moisturizer comes with a gamut of natural ingredients

Let’s talk about how natural this amazing skincare product really is. It’s vegan, with natural, non-GMO, cruelty-free, paraben-free, non-toxic ingredients. And just when I thought it can’t get any better, I read the ingredient list, and realized why this Dream Glow Moisturizer actually works wonders for the skin. 

  • The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of avocado oil keep the skin strong and smooth while retaining its elasticity. Jojoba oil soothes and softens the skin by adding moisture and glow to it. Rosemary acts as a shield for the skin against free radicals and harmful UV rays. Packed with vitamins and good-for-your-skin fatty acids, rosehip seed oil hydrates the skin and tackles dark spots, fine lines, and scars. 

Then there are the vitamins. This super-effective sustainable moisturizer is filled with Vitamin A, C, E, and B5, which complements the benefits offered by the oils I mentioned above. What I mean to say is, this moisturizer has worked double the amount of wonders for my skin – all the credit goes to the marvelous ingredients that swim within the cream! 

This Dream Glow Moisture Cream is super easy to apply

I am so thankful for the super easy application that this sustainable moisturizer offers. I just have to apply one even layer of this cream on my skin, and I am all set! Even better is the fact that after 2-3 minutes of the application, I can even add on a layer of facial oil or makeup to it. Gone are the days when I had to follow countless steps to put a moisture cream on my skin. And then wait for endless minutes for the same to be totally absorbed. I am a millennial, waiting’s not an option for me – and Model Off Duty Beauty’s Dream Glow Moisturizer gets it! 

And here’s the thing, really…

This dream glow moisturizer from Model Off Duty Beauty has changed the way my skin looks and feels. I wake up every single day with a refreshed, rejuvenated, hydrated, and glowing skin that looks plump, clean, and smooth like never before. If there’s one skincare product I swear by, it’s this one. And who won’t, when you get all the goodness of natural ingredients and all their amazing benefits packed in one moisturizer. I highly recommend you get this Model Off Duty Beauty’s Dream Glow Moisturizer for your skin too, because your skin deserves the tender care and gentle nourishment that the moisturizer offers. Totally worth it! 

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These 5 Facial Oils For Parched Skin Are Our Top Recommendations


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Why are we suddenly talking about Snow White? Well, whether you realize it or not, you have had this mirror moment from Snow White. (Oh yes! We all have!) And we are talking about this because we want your mirror to say, “My Queen, you are the prettiest of all.”

How? That’s where we come in. We have carefully curated an assortment of top 5 luxury facial oils to embrace your inner queen. We promise you, with the right facial oil, you can effortlessly elevate your entire skincare routine. It’s literally the big beauty product everyone is talking about! That is why we have picked 5 perfect oils that are suitable for all skin types, but if you are specifically looking for face oils for dry skin, the ones listed below work like magic. These oils are going to deliver the glow you have only fantasized about.

5 Best Luxury Oils For Dry Skin In 2022


face oils for dry skin

Model Off Duty Beauty Golden Glow Face Oil

If you want to instantly soothe your skin, this iconic facial oil is just the right pick. It is an all-clean and vegan facial oil with the powers of natural ingredients like moringa, baobab, pomegranate, and argan. You need this oil to incorporate these soothing superfoods into your routine. It can instantly hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Not just that, its antiseptic, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties can heal any possible skin ailment in a matter of days.


face oils for dry skin

Josie Maran 100 percent Pure Argan Oil

Another absolutely essential beauty addition you must make is this Josie Maran’s 100% pure argan oil. With the powers of pure argan oil, it is all you need for significantly softer and smoother-looking skin. Not just that, it has the power to hydrate the skin and give it a supple bounce. You can even use it to moisturize your dry nails and hair as well.


Face Oils For Dry Skin

La Mer The Renewal Oil

Another luxury oil you seriously deserve is this multitasking facial oil by La Mer. With the power to instantly hydrate the skin, this oil can deliver firmer-looking skin. It can eliminate major signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles as well. It is suitable for all skin types.


Fresh Crème Ancienne Face Oil Elixir

Another incredible facial oil is this face oil elixir by Fresh. This highly concentrated liquid treatment is cautiously blended with hand to give your skin all the luxury it deserves. Formulated with six revered oils, pick this oil to achieve plumper and younger-looking skin in a matter of days.


Lord Jones Royal Oil 1000mg Pure CBD Oil

Pick this powerful facial oil by Lord Jones to incorporate the goodness of 1000mg pure CBD along with grapeseed oil. It is specially curated to deliver intense moisturization for glowing and healthy-looking skin. In fact, it can give you the skincare reset your stressed skin always wanted. This is truly one of the best luxury face oils for dry skin.

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This Gentle Toner For Dry Skin Gave My Skin The Ultimate Hydration

best vitamin C serum

If you are blessed with dry skin, like I am, you know picking a toner is not a piece of cake. But, let’s face it, you cannot simply skip toning your face. So, dry skin or not; exfoliation is a must. However, the toner trick for anyone with dry skin has to be going for an extra gentle toner; preferably one that hydrates the skin. Plus, it should be free from any chemicals, alcohol, fragrance, and synthetics. Well, long story short, it should be free from any questionable ingredients.

Clearly, I always knew what I was looking for. The real trouble began when I found out my options were so limited. Surprisingly, there are very few brands that are actually committed to producing natural and nourishing products. One of those reliable brands is Model Off Duty Beauty. I recently came across the Sublime Green Tea Hydrating Toner by the brand and it is safe to say I am obsessed. Read on to find out all about it.


best toners for dry skin

Model Off Duty Beauty Sublime Green Tea Hydrating Toner

I will admit, the first time I tried this toner, I did not know what was coming. But, to my surprise, the toner was suitable for my skin type. In fact, it exfoliated my skin while refilling my skin with essential moisture. This toner has been on my regimen for over a week now. After consistent incorporation, I can safely say that this toner is perfect for my dry and dull skin.

How The Sublime Green Tea Hydrating Toner Helped My Skin?

Just a few consistent applications were enough to prove that this toner is capable of delivering a fresh-looking glow. The best part is, not only does this toner work to improve the looks of my skin, it improves the overall feel of the skin as well. Right from delivering a balanced complexion to prepping my skin for the further steps, this toner does it all. My skin is surprisingly hydrated and visibly refreshed at all times. Not just that, this toner is filled with the nourishment of all-natural ingredients. Read on to find out all about them.

Top Ingredients & Their Benefits

Not only is the Sublime Green Tea Toner good for dry skin, but it is also extra gentle. It is 100% natural, clean and free from any questionable ingredients. As a matter of fact, the toner is brimming with ultra-nourishing ingredients that make this hydrating toner a must-have.

  • Green Tea – With the powers of antioxidant-rich green tea, this toner works to protect my skin from any environmental damage. Plus, it’s flooded with anti-aging properties along with plenty of vitamins.
  • Rosehip – Rosehip equips this facial toner to treat any signs of dullness, dark spots, and pigmentation and dark spots. Plus, it works to deliver a younger and plumper-looking glow.
  • Witch Hazel – Witch hazel works as a natural astringent that works to tighten the pores while treating any signs of acne. It is the perfect ingredient to deliver a healthier and clearer radiance.
  • Aloe Vera – With the powers of aloe vera, this toner passes for an extra gentle toner that actually works without damaging my skin. In fact, it’s Aloe Vera’s soothing properties that make this toner suitable for all skin types.

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You Can Now Handle Your Dry Skin With Ease!


If you have dry skin, your moisturizer is probably your best friend. Although moisturization is key, moisturizer alone is not enough to manage your dry skin. You need to curate an entire routine that is made up of skincare for dry skin. Whether it is your cleanser or your toner, you need to be super careful while picking the products because even one harsh product can trigger excessive dryness. So, the trick is to avoid any product that holds the potential to dry out your skin. While you are at it, you need to substitute the harsh products with hydrating and calming products.

The good news is we have found nine outstanding skincare to manage extremely dry skin. Pick any skincare for dry skin from the list below to achieve healthier, plumper, and happier-looking skin. Here’s to creating a regimen exclusively for dry skin.


Model Off Duty Beauty Dream Glow Moisture Cream

If you have dry skin, the selection of your moisturizer can change the game. We highly recommend going for this incredible moisture cream by Model Off Duty Beauty. This cream is moisturizing in the most soothing way. The best part it delivers long-lasting hydration without the sweaty and greasy feeling. It is one of the most rejuvenating moisturizers that can deliver well-nourished and obsessively soft skin. Plus, it is all clean. Pick this product for the goodness of avocado oil, jojoba oil, rosemary leaf extract, and vitamins B and E.


Tatcha The Dewy Serum Resurfacing and Plumping Treatment

Another skin savior your dull and dry skin definitely needs is a hydrating serum. This serum by Tatcha checks all the boxes when it comes to the requirements of dry skin. It is deeply hydrating, nourishing as well as anti-aging. Pick this serum to incorporate the goodness of lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, and squalane into your routine.

3. SK-II

face hydrating products

SK-II Pitera Facial Treatment Sheet Mask

Another pick for your dry skin is this set of hydrating sheet masks by SK-II. This is your chance to treat your dry skin with Pitera concentration. It is incredibly rejuvenating and it works instantly. Pick this intensely hydrating facial treatment to achieve a whole new level of radiance in a matter of minutes.


Supergoop! PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50 PA++++

Pick this quick-absorbent, grease-free, water-resistant, and sweat-resistant lotion by Supergoop to manage your dry skin while protecting it. With SPF 50, this broad-spectrum lotion is the best pick to manage your dry skin. You can use this lotion for both your face and body. Plus, it has the power of sunflower extract along with rosemary leaf extract which makes it incredibly calming for the skin.


Model Off Duty Beauty Glow + Hydrate Cream Cleanser Hybrid

If you are curating a routine for your dry skin, you must consider adding a cream-based cleanser. This cleanser by Model Off Duty Beauty is the perfect cleanser for dry skin. It cleanses the skin but in an astonishingly soothing way. Plus, it is filled with extraordinary skincare ingredients like matcha green tea, rooibos, MSM, and cranberry. Add a multi-tasking cleanser to your regimen right away to achieve cleansed, hydrated, and moisturized skin in just one step.


Tata Harper Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Floral Essence

This Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Floral Essence is all you need to tone and hydrate your skin at the same time. A hyaluronic acid toner is the best way to achieve clarified and plump-looking skin. Add this anti-aging toner into your regimen to incorporate the goodness of hyaluronic acid, floral hydrosol trio, and Australian coastal flower blend.


Biossance Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream

This hydrating eye cream has the power of squalane, and marine algae, which is a blessing for your dry skin. Pick this cream to visibly firm and instantly smooth your under-eye area. It can effectively eliminate your skin’s fine lines and wrinkles in a matter of days.


face hydrating products

Glamglow Thirstymud™ 24-Hour Hydrating Treatment Face Mask

Another excellent product to hydrate your dry skin is this hyaluronic acid mask. It is an incredibly rich treatment mask to deliver an instant splash of hydration. Pick this mask to add the goodness of coconut, honey, and ginger to your routine.


Model Off Duty Beauty Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil

Another calming product you must add to your routine for dry skin is this Model Off Duty Beauty face oil. With the power of chamomile, lavender, and Abyssinian, this lightweight face oil can effectively hydrate your skin. Pick this facial oil to eradicate any dryness, dullness, or any sign of aging. Moreover, the best part is it is completely clean and completely calming.

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