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A Facial Serum That Lightens Acne Scars? Yes, Please!

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The internet has been our advisor and even our doctor these days, isn’t it? Having a headache, having a common cold, having a cough or a sore throat, having digestion issues, having acne problems, having a regular itch? All we do is simply Google it! And fairly so, the internet does have answers and remedies to a lot of our issues, but what we really need to ponder upon is what’s trustworthy and what’s not so reliable.

We all have googled “treatment for acne” or “home remedies for acne”, and one common DIY treatment that comes up is to apply toothpaste on pimples to get rid of them. You must have also heard this remedy from the ladies in your family and surroundings. But does toothpaste on pimples work? If it does, is it safe? Well, the answer to both is NO! It’s not the most effective one and definitely not a safe one. Trust me, you should save yourself from further troubles and quit using hacks that are completely baseless. So, what to do instead? Let’s find out.

What To Do Instead?

If you have serious flare-ups you must see a dermatologist. But remember prevention is always better than cure can make a few changes or additions to your daily skincare routine to avoid acne in the first place. Some tips dermatologists suggest to maintain healthy skin include,

  • Wash Your Face – One of the best ways to prevent acne is to wash your face to clean any impurities or dust settled onto the skin. Wash your face with mild warm water and pat dry your face instead of rigorously wiping it.
  • Moisturize Often – It’s important to keep your skin moisturized at all times to keep it healthy. Use moisturizers with natural ingredients that are not very harsh on your skin. Try and pick lightweight and non-comedogenic products.
  • Hydrate – One of the best and easiest ways to stay healthy is to hydrate – your skin and your body! Use products that hydrate your skin and drink lots of water; it flushes out the impurities in the body and can give you clear skin.
  • Maintain A Healthy Diet – Researchers say glycemic rich foods, mainly junk foods, can cause pimples and acne. Avoiding or cutting down the consumption of such foods can help control acne. Instead switch to a healthier diet of natural fruits and vegetables to purify and keep your skin healthy.
  • Know Your Skin Type – It is crucial that you know and understand your skin type to help you choose the right products for your skin. Sometimes, some products may be harsher on your sensitive skin and can lead to irritation, or might not work at all if your skin is less sensitive.
  • Avoid Touching Your Face – One thing we frequently forget or do unintentionally is, touching our face often. The particles and germs on the hands get transferred onto the face and settle in the unclogged pores of the skin causing acne. Well, it’s not possible not to touch your face at all, but try to avoid it as much as possible. Also, avoid popping and picking any active acne.

What I Use For My Acne Scars?

All said and done, pimples and acne are still inevitable. They will uninvitedly occur due to other external factors. Here is my pick to get rid of those annoying acne scars.


Model Off Duty Beauty C Squared Serum

With a double dose of naturally sourced vitamin C, this clean beauty face serum is a hit. It consists of 10% pure Vitamin C and trusts me it’s the perfect pick to achieve instant brightness. Not just that with consistent application, this face serum works to eliminate any signs of acne scars, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. I have been applying just a single pump of this clean beauty serum on my face and neck right after I cleanse and pat dry my face. For maximum effectiveness, I have been incorporated in both my AM & PM routines along with the Dream Glow Moisture Cream.

Why Is This Serum The Best?

Filled with the powers of all-natural and clean beauty ingredients, this serum is free from any questionable ingredients. This serum is not only filled with the powers of vitamin C but it delivers the goodness of ale vera and hyaluronic acid as well. It is just the perfect serum to boost natural collagen production for smoother, clearer, and younger-looking skin.

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