20 Chic Cardigans From Nordstrom Anniversary Sale That Will Add Glamour To Your Wardrobe

Cardigans on Sale

If cute and cozy outfits are your jam, then we bet you’ll be super happy. Fall is on its way, and so are snuggly cardigans, this means it’s time to stock up on cozy cardigans. Leaving behind our summer outfits is never easy; we get it!

This year is passing by so quickly, right? So, it’s natural to have an unprepared Fall/Winter wardrobe. No sweat, we have ample time and a plethora of opulent cardigans to look after that. Don’t worry; you don’t have to go on a long ‘scrolling-through-websites’ journey. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just went public, and we have picked the cutest cardigans for you. From neutral tones to pop of colors, our picks are versatile enough. Not only this, Nordstrom sale’s cardigan collection is the perfect choice if you’re looking for double duty outfits. So, let’s begin shopping to satiate our Fall/Winter wardrobe craving!

1. CozyChic Lite(R) Circle Cardigan

2. Kent Cardigan Sweater

3. CozyChic(R) Lite Long Weekend Cardigan

4. Cozy Long Cardigan

5. Longline Cardigan

6. Open Stitch Cardigan

7. Open Front Cashmere Cardigan

8. Rufa Wool Blend Cardigan

9. The Everyday Cardigan

10. Rib Front Wool & Cashmere Cardigan

11. Open Front Pocket Cardigan

12. Kent Stripe Cardigan

13. V-Neck Long Cardigan

14. Ribbed Cardigan

15. Faly Ribbed Peplum Wool Blend Cardigan


16. Boxy Cashmere Cardigan

17. Textured Cardigan

18. Long Cardigan

19. Merino Wool Straight Cardigan

20. Long Cotton Blend Cardigan


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