10 Cleansing Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now


What can possibly go wrong with washing our face? If you have been thinking that, you are oblivious of the cleansing mistakes you have been making. If you think about it, cleansing is an easy task. Just wet lather and rinse. But when it comes to your face you just cannot be too careful. Skincare experts keep pointing out that picking a suitable cleanser is the toughest job. After that cleansing is a piece of cake.

If you have been facing skin concerns like breakouts, dehydration, dry skin, or excessively oily skin even after following the perfect skincare regime. That is because nobody talks about these insanely common mistakes that you might be making. Worry not, because we are here to make your skincare regime a success. We have thoroughly researched our personal experiences and created a list of all the common skincare mistakes, we didn’t even know we were making. There is a very big chance, you are making one of these mistakes as well. This is precisely why we are here to share what we learned from our mistakes. Because by avoiding these common mistakes, you can find the solution to any pre-existing skincare woe.

Here is a list of 10 Cleansing Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now

Not washing your hands before cleansing

If you cleanse your face without cleaning your hands, you conveniently transfer all the impurities, oil or germs that might have been accumulated on your hands. If you incorporate the habit of washing hands before cleansing you will avoid a lot of unhygienic possibilities.

Not removing your makeup before cleansing

As you know, the purpose of facial cleansing is to clean all your blocked pores. But if you do not remove your makeup prior to cleansing, it will never fulfil its purpose. For immaculate cleansing, you need to remove your makeup with a face wipe. Do not forget to focus on your eye makeup. Invest in a separate eye makeup remover that’s gentle and still good at what it does.



Using an unsuitable cleanser for your skin type

The market offers innumerable cleansing products. You need to be careful to pick the products that cater to your skincare needs. Picking the wrong cleansers will do more damage than good.  If you have been struggling with this mistake, go for a gentle cleanser. A gentle cleanser works well for all skin types. Also, try and pick products with natural ingredients. A vegan, 100% natural product is less likely to cause any irritation.




Rinsing with Excessively hot water

We have all been inclined towards hot & steamy rinse. But you need to be careful. Because excessively hot water can even burst your capillaries. It will make your face excessively sensitive and lead to visible redness on the face. Hot water can mess with your natural oil balance. This may lead to dryness or unwanted sebum production.

Exfoliating a little too much

Toss away your grainy exfoliators because they are immensely harsh for your face. All they do it damage your skin. Pick a gentle product. In fact, exfoliate once a week. It is the safest trick when you need glowing skin along with an excellent circulation. Pick natural products instead of chemically infused ones for the sake of your skin.


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 Rubbing with a towel to dry

You need to pat dry your face. Do not rub. Rubbing your face with a towel is irresistible but it can lead to irritation and redness. In fact, with time it may lead to wrinkles or hyperpigmentation. Facial skin is fragile and you need to pat it dry.  

Using a hand towel

Another mistake we are all guilty of is picking the wrong towel. You need a clean towel every time you cleanse your face. This will help you avoid retransfer of so many unwanted impurities. Remember hands off the hand towel. If necessary, stock up mini towels and store them at a highly convenient spot to avoid this mistake.

Moisturizing too late

If you wait for your skin to completely dry out before applying a moisturizer. You are making a big mistake. You need to secure that dampness and lock in that moisture. Moisturize while the skin is moist. It facilitates extra absorption and maximizes the effects of any active ingredients.

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Using the wrong quantity

You can ruin your skincare by using too much or too less of the products. Save yourselves by avoiding this common skincare mistake. If you like to use a foam-based cleanser, you need a golf ball-sized amount. On the other hand, for cream based or gel-based cleansers, use only and almond sized quantity.

Skipping cleansing around your hairline

If you use a shower cap, you are bound to skip cleansing around your hairline. This may lead to unhygienic accumulation of make-up and oil. This will further cause pimples or blackheads. You need to cleanse all the way to avoid this common mistake.

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