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All I Needed To Step Up My Clean Beauty Regimen


My skin and I haven’t been the best of friends pretty much all my life. That is why picking out products for my skin well takes a lot. No, seriously, I spend hours researching products only to get my heart broken. In fact, last year, I almost gave up on the idea of skincare altogether, and that’s when I came across a brand called Model Off Duty Beauty. It introduced me to the concept of clean and safe beauty, and my relationship with my skin revolutionized. The first product that I used was The Dream Glow Moisture cream, and it was pretty much the only product I could commit to. So, one day, it just struck me, it was time to step up my clean beauty regimen. This led to the discovery of AM – PM Glow Skincare Set.


Model Off Duty Beauty AM – PM Glow Skincare Set

This Model Off Duty Beauty set contains five fabulous clean beauty products for a complete AM and PM routine. It is worth mentioning that every product in this set has been nothing but kind to my skin. To be honest, if you are someone like me, who simply cannot place your trust, you must go for skincare sets like this one simply because it lets you test a number of products without breaking your bank.

The Complete Skincare Set

If you like to use only a few products as I do, these products can be your go-to picks. From day cream to night cream, this set is pretty much a complete skincare set. Here is a list of all the products in the AM – PM Glow Skincare Set by Model Off Duty Beauty

  • Dream Glow Moisture Cream: The Dream Glow Moisture Cream is the first product that I ever used by Model Off Duty Beauty. It is just the perfect refreshing yet safe day cream. Formulated with all natural yet luxurious ingredients like avocado, jojoba oil, aloe vera juice and rosemary leaf extract this rejuvenating moisturizer gave me the smoothest complexion and the dreamiest glow. Plus, it completely lightweight and non-comedogenic which protected my skin from any acne and excessive oiliness.
  • Youth Power + Repair Night Cream: Another great pick that this MODB set gave me was this night cream. Just as good as the day cream, Youth Power + Repair Night Cream is a terrific overnight miracle cream. Formulated with the purest natural ingredients like green tea, coconut oil, and plenty of superfruit extracts that work to repair and regenerate the skin while you sleep.
  • Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil: This power house oil by Model Off Duty Beauty was all I needed to boost brighter and healthier looking skin. Filled with the goodness of abbyssinian, chamomile, and lavender this oil can help you get rid of wrinkles, redness, and clogged pores. Plus, it is all you need for a calming and relaxed feel.
  • Bakuchiol Glow Booster Serum: With the goodness of natural retinol alternative and squalane, this serum so much better than retinol. It’s so much gentler than bakuchiol. This product gave me younger and brighter looking skin in a matter of days without any side effects.
  • Glow + Hydrate Cream Cleanser Hybrid: This cream-based cleanser was a game changer. Its powerful and incredibly gentle daily cleanser. Formulated with ingredients and vitamins sourced from matcha green tea, MSM, rooibos tea, along with plenty of superfruits this non foaming cream cleanser never dries my skin, in fact it moisturizes it.

The Final Verdict

Clearly, I am obsessed with the set. As a matter of fact, I am planning to purchase all the full-sized products. The set is perfect if you want to try creating a clean beauty regimen for yourself. Honestly, if you even remotely want your skin to glow without any side effects, you are going to love this set and even repurchase it.

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