How to reduce eye redness for brighter, more radiant looking eyes



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As an influencer, it’s part of my job to travel & run from one meeting to another, sometimes my days seem to get really hectic and as a result I often get redness in my eyes. With the help of the new LUMIFY™ redness reliever eye drops I discovered, faking a full 8-hour sleep on days that are super hectic is easier and nothing beats having eyes that look whiter and brighter.


From the eye care experts at Bausch + Lomb, LUMIFY is FDA-approved and developed by eye doctors to reduce redness and help your eyes appear whiter, brighter and naturally more radiant. The coolest part? It’s free of bleach or dyes and has a reduced risk of rebound redness and loss of efficacy over time. This unique formulation that has never been available before works differently to selectively target redness and helps reveal your eye’s natural radiance. LUMIFY also works in 1 minute and lasts upto 8 hours. Although individual results may vary. I was surprised by how well LUMIFY eye drops worked!


With LUMIFY, I can fake a full 8-hour sleep on my very busy work days from meeting to meeting, while helping to reduce redness in a snap and on-the-go. It surely has become a holy grail product for me. On days I am experiencing eye redness, I use LUMIFY before I begin my makeup routine. A total must have item in my bag now.


LUMIFY is available over the counter at major retailers and is available in two sizes. The 2.5 mL bottle retails for $14.99 USD (75 drops) and the 7.5 mL bottle retails for $25.99 USD (225 drops). Individual results may vary. Use as directed.


Head to to learn more about Lumify and where to purchase it.


Do you also experience redness in your eyes, sometimes?



LUMIFY is a trademark of Bausch &+ Lomb Incorporated or its affiliates. LUM.0083.USA.18


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